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A nice year is over ... 2008 was one of my most important years of my 16 year young life :D I started working on my real future ... my exams in 2010 and the life after 2010.
2009 will hopefully be more important, nice and successfull than 2008 was!

Until the 2nd January 2009 I will be a the Baltic Sea, enjoying the last days of the year and celebrating the final day there, too :D

I wish all of you a happy new year! I hope your wishes will become true in 2009 and you can fullfil your intentions. And please, don't drink too much at the last night of 2008 :D

btw please don't forget to adjust your watches because we will get one additional second! :D Can be very important :P

See you in 2009 :D

Best wishes,
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Hi there,

now it's there ... Christmas :) After having to listen to all the Christmas song for lots of weeks, it's the 24th December now.

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and hope you find some time to enjoy and relax with your families and friends after all the recent shopping experiences :D

Best wishes,
Sibbl :D
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Hi there,

first I have to thank all visitors of my dA page ... 2222 right now =D

Well, lots of things changes in my last weeks ... the school got more important and I had to leave my computer for learning and doing school stuff.

All things I do for school now I'm actually doing for my A-Level ("Abitur") in 2010. Also, I attend a kind of studies at a university where I learn OpenGL and such computer graphics. Imo it's interesting because I never dealed with it before.

Furthermore I started attending driving school lessons ... I can take the test in the end of February and i think it's good to start earlier and learn weekly. The practical test will be at the end of April. So there's a lot of time left...

Besides I'm going to do a "several learn achievement" (in German "Besondere Lernleistung", kurz BeLL) for my A-Level. It influences the result very much, so it's really important to find an interesting topic to deal with. Yesterday I found a very nice topic which will be kind of a digital homework book for students, teachers and school operators. I have lots of ideas I want to implement but it will take some time until I planned everything and I can begin coding. ;)

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Hello there,

today I had my first school day in class 11 with new teachers, a new course system and of course a new schedule of lessons. Well now I have 8 or 9 hours school on Mondays and Fridays. The other days I only have 4 up to 6 lessons a day. Well I think I have good teachers too and overall I have enough time to spend it in front of my computer except on Monday, Thursday and Friday... ;)

And if I have some extra time I will try to code my orb dock concept (…). I have it as an application already but have to make the icons dynamically and give each button its functionality =) But it will take some time to finish it. I hope I will have this time ...

so thanks for reading ;D

Hello at all!

I'm back in Germany again. I had a great time in Austria and Switzerland and will show you some of my best pictures in the next days. :D
Next week I want to proceed my work with my current skin until my school starts again. I hope I will finish it in time because my next and last 2 school years won't be easy. So tell my teachers to let me get a nice schedule of lessons for having enough time to work with Photoshop etc.
Thanks for reading =)

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Hi there,

from now on i want to keep my Journal up2date for you and want to try to write some of my moods, news and habits =)

So let's start with my current information:

I'm on vacation from the 2nd to the 17th August in Austria and Switzerland. Unfortunately 2 months too late but thats no problem :D

So have a nice time at the following 2 weeks. When I'm back i have 1 week holiday left ... then the school starts again. I hope I can finish my current skin in that time ... I'll see ^^

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